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Stabl-Wall™ System

The Stabl-Wall™ system is a unique polymer wall bracing system that consists of space age technology carbon fiber sheets, epoxied to foundation walls to prevent cracks from opening wider.

stabl-wall diagram

What Is a Stabl-Wall™ System?

Stabl-Wall™ does not stretch. Stabl-Wall™ is 10 times stronger than steel in tensile strength. Once applied to a wall, (perpendicular to a crack), the crack will not open wider because the carbon fibers will not stretch. Stabl-Wall™ is cheaper and less intrusive than wall anchors, but easier to install and stronger. Stabl-Wall™ is designed for cracks up to 2″ wide.

The Stabl-Wall™ System has a lifetime transferrable warranty on the wall to which it is applied and the only maintenance-free warranty.


  • Virtually Invisible
  • Paint Over It
  • Panel It
  • Dry-Wall Over It
  • Non Corrosive

Repair Value

  • Weak Points Turn Strong
  • Maintenance Free Repair
  • No Mess to Install
  • No Clean Up
  • Repair Vs. Patch
  • Increased Life
  • Increased Durability


  • Thinnest Product on the Market
  • Thin as a Dime
  • 10X Stronger Than Steel
  • 10 Times Tensile Strength of Steel
  • Takes Up No Usable Space

Additional Benefits

  • Only Lifetime Warranty
  • Only Maintenance Free Warranty
  • Most Cost Effective Repair
  • $100’s Compared to $1000’s
  • Repair Options Vs. Replacement
  • One Time Cost
  • No Additional Cost
  • Best Resale Value
  • No Maintenance Cost


Foundation walls crack and bow due to stress created from pressure exerted from expansive soil or lateral earth movement. If not properly reinforced, foundation walls could eventually collapse.

Applied directly to foundation walls, the Stabl-Wall™ product counteracts the outside pressure by stabilizing the walls. It resists up to ten times normal pressure, making the walls stronger to eliminate shifting, expanding, cracking and bowing.

An engineers and surveyors report from Kenneth Jensen & Associates, Inc. on the feasibility of using carbonfiber polymer sheets on cracked residential foundation walls is available by request. This report was prepared specifically for the Stabl-Wall product.

ParameterMinimum ValueGoverning Test Method
ParameterTensile StrengthMinimum Value500,000 psiGoverning Test MethodASTM D3039
ParameterTensile StrainMinimum Value1.5%Governing Test MethodASTM D3039
ParameterTensile ModulusMinimum Value30,000,000 psiGoverning Test MethodASTM D3039
ParameterColorMinimum ValueBlackGoverning Test MethodNone
ParameterRoll WidthMinimum Value24 inchesGoverning Test MethodNone
ParameterRoll LengthMinimum Value270 feetGoverning Test MethodNone

Stabl-Wall Adhesives: Minimum Values

ParameterStabl-Wall PrimerStabl-Wall Paste FillerStabl-Wall Bonding AdhesiveGoverning Test Method
Part A
Part B
Stabl-Wall PrimerAmber
Stabl-Wall Paste FillerTan
Stabl-Wall Bonding AdhesiveAmber
Governing Test MethodNone
ParameterMix Ratio (Volume)
Part A:Part B
Stabl-Wall Primer3:1Stabl-Wall Paste Filler3:1Stabl-Wall Bonding Adhesive3:1Governing Test MethodNone
ParameterWorking Time @ 70°FStabl-Wall Primer15 MinutesStabl-Wall Paste Filler30 MinutesStabl-Wall Bonding Adhesive35 MinutesGoverning Test Method1 Gallon Sample
ParameterShelf LifeStabl-Wall Primer12 MonthsStabl-Wall Paste Filler12 MonthsStabl-Wall Bonding Adhesive12 MonthsGoverning Test MethodNone
ParameterTensile StrengthStabl-Wall Primer2,000 psiStabl-Wall Paste Filler2,000 psiStabl-Wall Bonding Adhesive7,000 psiGoverning Test MethodASTM D638
ParameterTensile StrainStabl-Wall Primer0.30Stabl-Wall Paste Filler0.05Stabl-Wall Bonding Adhesive0.03Governing Test MethodASTM D638
ParameterTensile ModulusStabl-Wall Primer100,000 psiStabl-Wall Paste Filler230,000 psiStabl-Wall Bonding Adhesive400,000 psiGoverning Test MethodASTM D638

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