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Does Your Home Show Warning Signs?

  • Dampness and moisture on walls, floors and windows – even in dry weather
  • Musty basement odor
  • Cold, damp basement
  • Mold and mildew
  • Indoor allergic discomfort
  • Peeling paint and rotting windows sills/frames
  • Sweaty, icy windows during winter months

EZ Breathe®: The Efficient Choice for a Moisture-Free Home

  • Maintenance-free and easy to operate with no filters to change or buckets of water to empty
  • Energy Efficient: Costs less than $2 per month to operate
  • Large Capacity: One EZ Breathe® unit does work comparable to seven dehumidifiers
  • Versatile: EZ Breathe® is used in full basements, slabs or crawl spaces

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How EZ Breathe® Works


EZ Breathe™ draws moist, stale air out of the home.


It replaces moist air with fresh, dry air. A complete home air exchange occurs about 10 times each day.


Airflow is monitored to reach and maintain a desired level of humidity.

Take a Deep Breath

The air that you breathe in your home is filled with contaminants – from molds and mildew, to toxins and odors – that are caused by excess moisture and humidity.

Now Exhale

EZ Breathe™ expels the the excess moisture that causes stale, polluted air, while creating a complete air exchange in the home, resulting in a fresh and healthy living environment.


As changing technology improves the methods and materials involved in residential building, studies are indicating the need for a home ventilation system. New homes are currently being built that greatly improve energy efficiency by sealing these homes off from the outside. The same is happening to older homes. New windows and doors help to improve the energy efficiency of these homes. The negative side effect of all this is that homes can no longer breathe in a manner that allows stale, damp, contaminated air out and a good supply of fresh air in. This lack of airflow through the home is being linked to severe health concerns and a general deterioration of the value of the home.

With the installation of an EZ Breathe® ventilation unit the proper amount of airflow is established in your home, making the air cleaner and healthier to breathe. The EZ Breathe® ventilation unit helps to remove the stale, damp, contaminated air from the lowest point in your home. No matter if you have a basement, crawlspace, or slab floor the EZ Breathe® ventilation unit will work for you. By drawing the air from the lowest part of your home the EZ Breathe® expels bad air where it resides. Air holding moisture or contaminants is heavier than clean dry air. As a result the damp polluted air settles and builds up in the lowest part of your home. With the installation of an EZ Breathe® this bad air is expelled from your home minimizing unhealthy damaging build up.

The EZ Breathe® is a one unit whole house solution. To get the same effect you get with one EZ Breathe® you would need a dehumidifier and an air purifier in every room of your home. So, for the average seven room home you would need seven dehumidifiers and seven air purifiers to do the job of one EZ Breathe®. Obviously purchasing and operating that many units would not be a viable option.

Yes. A 2005 study found that in most homes with crawl spaces, up to 50 percent of the air in the home had at one time been in the crawlspace via leakage. This moist damp air can buckle hardwood floors, create fertile ground for mold growth (an asthma trigger), attract pests and termites and can even cost more in terms of energy consumption. According to one recent study, crawl spaces open to the outside are “moisture traps”. The EZ Breathe® ventilation system acts as a vapor barrier, seals crawlspace vents and provides airflow from the conditioned portion of the home. The EZ Breathe® ventilation system provides airflow from the conditioned portion of the home and is specifically designed to exhaust and remove damp, moist, damaging air from crawlspaces.

The fan is controlled by a humidistat. If the humidity is higher than the fan setting, the fan will automatically adjust itself to a setting that lowers the humidity to the proper level. Once the humidity reaches the desired setting, it will slow the fan down giving you the needed airflow.

You will not see any water since it does not condense like a traditional dehumidifier. It is instead removing the moist air and replacing it with warm dry air from the upstairs. This means there is no reservoir to empty on a daily basis.

The affect on your climate control bill is minimal, based on the fact that the EZ Breathe® draws air from the very lowest part of the home. This air is always the coldest air in the home to begin with, and due to its damp nature it is also the hardest to heat. Once in operation the EZ Breathe® moves the colder air out, and since dry air is easier to heat than damp air, your heating system does not work as hard to maintain the desired temperature.

The EZ Breathe® is placed at the lowest level of the home on an exterior wall. With the unit’s finished appearance, and a whisper quiet fan, it can be placed in any room.

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